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"Why can't I come back for my child's treatment appointment?"

At Accent Dental, we always want you to know what's going on with your child's oral health.

It makes us happy to have parents in the back who are enthusiastic about getting involved and encouraging their children to promote healthy habits. After all, a healthy smile starts at home!

That being said, sometimes cavities happen. Inadequate brushing and flossing, misinformation and sometimes even genetic factors make children susceptible to early childhood caries. This means we have to bring your little one back to the office for "restorative dentistry".

If you have been a patient with us for a while, you know that our policy has always been only the doctor, assistant and patient are in the room during treatment appointments. While it might seem scary at first to let your child out of your sight, please know our main goal is to take care of your child in the most comfortable, efficient way possible. We always aim to instill in our parents the confidence that you know your child is in capable and caring hands. Our team is comprised of well-trained doctors and assistants that are focused and passionate about treating young apprehensive children.

As promised, this blog's purpose is to provide an inside view to what makes our office work. For a behind-the-scenes look at Accent Dental's restorative dentistry procedure, check out the pictures below featuring super sweet William! 😎

The assistant and child walk back to the operatory and get comfortable. All of our computers have speakers so the child can request a certain artist or song while they sit back and relax.

The doctor enters the operatory and greets the child while they begin to administer the laughing gas. PLEASE NOTE: All of our Assistants have taken advanced education courses that certify them to monitor your child's safety while using nitrous oxide.

If the doctor needs to leave the room to check on another patient, the assistant and child continue to relax, listen to music, talk and let the laughing gas take effect.

Once the laughing gas begins to calm the child, the doctor and assistant then start the procedure. The doctor encourages the child, the assistant reminds them to keep breathing calmly and the appointment is usually finished within an hour.

The team congratulates the child on a great visit, switches the nitrous to oxygen and another relaxing 10 minutes passes before the assistant takes the child to the toy chest. The child is then reunited with the parent, the assistant goes over what was completed that day and offers an appointment card, school note and anything else the parent needs.

At Accent Dental, it really is all about children. We take great pride in our ability to give positive experiences to all children and aim to foster lifelong habits that promote a healthy smile! 


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