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Snow Day Shenanigans!

Your friends at Accent Dental tend to get a little bit stir crazy when you don't come see us...

When the snow arrived in the St. Louis area, a lot of our patients were stuck at home (cozy and warm, we hope!) Although our priority is taking care of our patients, when no one is able to make it in, what better way than to spend the day learning and improving our own oral health? The doctors and Assistants graciously spent a portion of the day helping each other out while we waited for our friends to arrive (and the roads to improve) 😉

Greater St. Louis Dental Society Mid Continent Dental Congress

Last Thursday and Friday, Kerri, Dr. Naegler, Sarah and Corri attended the Mid Continent Dental Congress hosted by the Greater St. Louis Dental Society

They had a great time meeting all of the doctors that refer to our offices, as well as discussing how we are able to help under-served children in the area. There were also many opportunities for continuing education courses so our team is always up to date on the latest knowledge and techniques to take care of our patients! In the midst of their busy two days, they were able to capture a few pictures for us back in the office. 😁